Welcome to The Asylum! Please Watch Your Step! [spiritstick]

It's finally here! My Asylum! My name is Scourge2 (I've been called worse, but 'Scourge' will do!) and I run the Asylum. I'm also it's principal resident. (It's like a dream come true!!) I am in my early thirties, married (8-1/2 years. WHEW! A record nowadays!) with children (3) and a cat (that just lays there - sometimes I wonder if he's alive). Many people say I'm a complex person who always has something to say. I'm definitely not your average person (that's for sure), but I try to lead a normal life. Unfortunately, it was this 'normal' life that gave birth to The Asylum! (Ironic, isn't it, how a normal life can have so many problems. Oh, well. C'est la vie!) As for the asylum, I still have more remodeling to do, but I'm opening it up for business!

What You'll Find Here.

What else would you find in an asylum? But seriously, you'll find my own personal views on topics related to work, play, family life, and other things that are important to me in some way. And of course, each topic discussed will have my own personal, twisted spin added to them.

I have added another feature to my Asylum! The library now has a Sound Room, complete with every MIDI I have ever used in my Asylum! No "Best Of..." here! Instead, it's just everything musical that has helped make my Asylum! feel more like home! Now with the new Sound Room, you'll find that there is no clickable link to it on the site map. This is because you must go inside the library to get to the Sound Room. Think about it: how many libraries have you been to where you could walk straight into the listening area directly from the hallway? Didn't you have to go INSIDE the library to find the listening room? Well, the same applies here!

As my Asylum! keeps growing, more staff is needed to help with the daily upkeep. Things must run smoothly here, at least up front. There's all kinds of havoc going on behind the scenes, but my staff helps to make sure you never have to see it (or at least not the parts we don't want you to see). To help accomplish this goal, I've hired a receptionist to handle the e-mails and the visitor's registry. She will also show you the different webrings and contests the Asylum! is involved in. This will free up my nurse to handle the floor duties and to train the new intern, whom I've decided to place in the library for now.

[Asylum! Secretary]

I hope to be able to add more people to the Asylum! staff as the operations grow in size and quantity. But, for now, it's time to go to work!

Enter At Your Own Risk!!!

I, in no way, mean to, intend to, or try to speak for anyone else but MYSELF! (And besides, who would let a crazy person speak for them, anyway?) The following are my thoughts, views, and opinions and MINE ALONE!! Any resemblance to anyone else's thoughts, views, or opinions is strictly co-incidental! (Trust me!) But if anyone else out there has similar thoughts, views, or opinions, please e-mail me from the prompt at the bottom of each page or sign my guestbook and let me know!

(I may have room for you yet!)

Also, as far as rules go, besides the few we have pertaining to the library, we don't have any. But as far as the music in my Asylum is concerned, the staff and I have agreed to use music in MIDI format throughout the Asylum! (This is mainly because because my staff is stubborn and cheap and refuse to hire sound technicians who could properly wire this site to use wav, Real-Audio, MP3, etc.) The other points my staff and I agree on wholeheartedly are...

1) the music is an integral part of the Asylum! as it is vital to the treatment of the residents


2) it shall be allowed to play continuously - with VERY FEW exceptions!

In the past 18 months since opening my Asylum!, there have only been TWO instances in which I have allowed the music to be terminated.



While we here at the Asylum! realize that not everyone shares the same tastes in music, we also realize it would take up too much of the staff's time to make sure On/Off switches and Volume Control knobs are installed in each and every room. If they had time to do that, then they'd have time to find some decent engineers AND WIRE THIS SITE FOR REAL-AUDIO COMPARABLE SOUND!! **Hint, Hint, Staff Members?!?** For those of you who wish to lower the volume, please make use of your own volume control options installed by Dell, HP, IBM, Compaq, etc. Even many of the cheaper units made by these and other companies have such measures and it is far easier for you to use them than it is for me to have my staff do it.

In other words, please don't ask me or my staff to adjust the volume on the MIDIs or to turn them off when you already have the power to adjust the volume yourselves.

As much as I like to have people visit me, if you cannot cope with the regulations regarding the music, I can understand this and, therefore, I respectfully suggest you consider visiting another site. If you feel you can tolerate the music played in this site, then I invite you to continue with your visit of my Asylum!

Special Thanks!!

I'd like to take this time and space to thank my wife, Vicki, for her contribution, as well as Meggie, and all the others who've contributed to helping this NEW Asylum come to be. (The list is soooooo long, but they know who they are!)

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So, where would you like to go?

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All written text 1999-2000 by Scourge2. Background music is "Psycho - Prelude". Original composition by Bernard Heremann 1960. Background music on intro page is "Hell Frozen Over". Original composition by Jim Johnston. 1997 for Titan Sports.