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In this day and age where the unthinkable seems to happen every day (ie. the lady in Alabama selling her child for crack), I was extremely pleased to hear from my friend Robyn. She sent me a link to The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children. This organization helps to locate missing children across the country. Children are one of my very few weak soft spots (and I don't have many, trust me), but when I saw the link, it really got to me. I have kids of my own, and, regardless as to how much they yell, scream, and cry, if anything ever happened to them, I would move Heaven and Earth to find and help them.

I checked out their organization even further by calling them and viewing their website and decided that I wanted to do my part to help. I joined their mailing list, and it gave me the idea that lead me to do the following.

I decided to provide links to the charts that the NCMEC offers. They are done in alphabetical order by state. Just click onto the state of interest below and you will be sent to a chart that displays missing children from that state. If you have seen any of these children or can provide any information about the whereabouts of these children, please call the numbers given.

I believe in what this organization is doing and I applaud their efforts in locating missing children. If this helps in any way to locate a missing child, I'll be satisfied with that.

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