Report for Grieveance Action
Nov. 10, 1999

On Nov. 10, 1999, at approx. 0623 hrs. I was told by my supervisor, Robert Wright, that I needed to report to the Eastside Station. I told him that in order for me to go there, I would need to call a cab because I had no personal transportation to take myself there. He told me that would be ok. I asked him for a travel voucher because I wanted to be reimbursed for the money I would spend in cab fare. He gave me the voucher and asked me if I knew how to fill one out. I replied that I did not. Mr. Wright told me someone at the Eastside Station would show me how to fill it out.

I called for the cab and the resultant fare was $10 ($8 fare plus a $2 tip). After I finished my duties at ESS, I went to Mr. Sprung (sp?) and told him how I needed to know how to fill out the travel voucher. I told him a cab brought me over to ESS from Skyland, and he told me he could not reimburse my fare because they are only allowed to reimburse for mileage driven in a POV. I told him Mr. Wright knew I had no transportation to get out here, how I had to call a cab to get here, and how I expected to be reimbursed for my expenses. I showed Mr. Sprung (sp?) the business card the taxi driver gave me with the fare amount and the tip amount on the back. Mr. Sprung called the Skyland Station and spoke with Roger Davis, who told him they are not supposed to reimburse for anything but mileage. Sprung relayed the message back to me after hanging up with Mr. Davis, whereupon I immediately told him that I was stranded there at ESS with no way to get back home. (NOTE: My residence is two blocks away from the Skyland Post Office.) I asked Sprung to find someone to take me back to Skyland Station. He told me that it was not his responsibility, seeing as how it was my supervisor who sent me there in the first place, and advised me to call Mr. Davis and have him send someone. I called Skyland Station and spoke with Mike Pope, who later told me he overheard the conversation between Davis and Sprung. I told him I was stranded and he needed to send someone to pick me up and bring me back to the Skyland Station. He took the same posistion as Mr. Davis, but eventually he said he would send one of the custodians to pick me up. About 25-30 min. later, a custodian arrived to pick me up.

The preceeding is a rough draft of what occured on the morning of Nov. 10, 1999, typed by Tommie Joe Smith, Jr. on Nov. 10, 1999, at 10:53 a.m.

Tommie Joe Smith, Jr.