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Well, finally, here it is, my very own web site! After seeing how much fun my bro, Scourge2, had been having with his Asylum!, I knew I had to have a place of my very own. I have many interests, but it wasn't hard at all trying to choose which of them to devote my website to. I'm a child of the '80's, not too far behind my brother, and music is my biggest hobby and pasttime. I used to hear so many questions like 'Why do you listen to that type of music?' and 'How can you stand to listen to that all day?' The answer was simple:

Because I liked it... and I still do!

The '80's pop music scene contained many crossover hits from different genres such as country, rap, r&b, rock, the tail end of the disco era, the beginning of grunge and alternative, and an influx of parodies, most notably from 'Weird Al' Yankovic, Arsenio Hall, and the Chicago Bears. There was plenty of Heart and Soul. We saw classic re-releases, and we witnessed the birth of the pointed brassiere, the sequined glove, and the vegemite sandwich. We were introduced to Austria's favorite sons, both of whom departed this world too soon. We had the Boss and some Men At Work. Howard Jones asked the question 'What Is Love?' and Foreigner wanted to know that one as well. Pat Benetar, The Eurythmics, and others were more than happy to answer. Some of us held out hope for a hero, but a classic lady told us we didn't need one. We even had the full house of music royalty - King, Queen, Prince, and Princess (with the former and the latter being forced to abdicate due to lack of interest), more one-hit wonders than you can shake your tail feathers to, and this site will deal with them all.

Now for the specifics about this site:

  • The music here is all in MIDI format.
  • This site is arranged in alphabetical order according to the name of the artist.
  • For those (like myself) who seek to get lost in the decade again, I will list all of the songs performed in the '80s by each artist, but for the listener, clickable links will only be provided for the MIDIs that I have actually collected.
  • I haven't finished putting my site together (I still have a few more MIDIs to add), but I do have enough here to keep you from getting too bored.
  • My only rule here is that if you find a MIDI that you like, DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO MY SITE! Please copy it to your computer or server. For the WebTv'ers, a couple of good transloaders can be found at www.transloader.com and domania.net/freeload. Star Boulevard also has a transloader service, though I don't really recommend using this one because their free service can only transload files of 30K or smaller. In order to transload larger files, you have to pay for their premium site. Please contact them for details. I don't have the URL for this site, but it can be found on most search engines by looking for "Star Boulevard".

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