If you came here expecting to find Shakespeare, Dunn, Freud, Longfellow, Christie, Melville, Dumas, Voltaire, Dickinson, Hemingway, or any of the other 'greats'...,

...sadly, you're in the wrong place!

Ditto if you came looking for flowery poetry!

I was forced to read the classics in high school and college, and I'm not going to read them here now! My poetry (whenever I'm inclined to do it) is not flowery! (Well..., there WAS this ONE time in my high school lit class... but I only did it for a grade - THAT'S ALL!! I PROMISE!!) What you will find here will be a collection of parodies, short-short-WAYYYYY-short stories (HEY, I don't have time to write classics), and poems. Some are hilarious; some border on mania. (I'm just not gonna let my fellow inmates read stuff like "Roses are red....", though!)

All pieces in this library are written by me, except where noted.

[Library Intern] "Currently, there isn't much to read as this area is new, but Scourge2 doesn't believe in 'Under Construction' signs, so, please, feel free to enter and browse all you wish. The library door is open. Be careful not to take anything without asking first! We'll be watching! If you wish to visit another room in the Asylum!, the nurse will be glad to assist you!"


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