ello, and welcome to our Nurse's Station! I hope you've enjoyed your visit so far.

So far, you've seen a few of the rooms here, compliments of Scourge2 and a few of his friends. You've seen a bit of what makes him tick and gained a little insight into how he thinks. Here at the Nurse's Station, however, we take things a little more seriously. I thank him for finally giving us this space that my fellow nurses and I need. (Frankly, it was getting kind of cramped sharing the front desk with our new receptionist and intern.) And, now that we have this space, we have the freedom to do our work - hopefully without any interruptions from Scourge2.

What you will see here is a little of our daily routines, and, as you'll soon see, it's not all fun and games here. We work very hard to insure that everything goes smoothly for all the residents. We monitor the residents' progress from here. We make sure they are all properly fed, bathed, and clothed. It's our responsibility to make sure they receive their medications on time and in a proper fashion and that they have a fair amount of recreation. We also handle all of the menial tasks (which reminds me, I need to talk to Scourge2 about hiring a janitor...).

You will also learn a little about the care and treatment of mental disorders - from the initial diagnosis to medication and therapy. There are a variety of mental diseases that we as nurses often have to deal with and soon we will show you how we do it.

But, for now, feel free to take a little breather. Our refrigerator is right over here. There are plenty of sodas inside. We also have coffee, donuts, and other snacks. Help yourself, and as soon as you're ready, we'll continue on with the tour!

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(NOTE: If you would rather skip this part of the tour, or if you have completed your walk through our Nurse's Station, you may follow our intern to the Asylum! Library. I'll catch up with you later.)